Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Tazmanian Devil

So, Barry left yesterday afternoon for Memphis and the ACDC concert leaving Crew and I by ourselves. Once again, Crew has outgrown his shoes not so much length wise though... we seem to just get wider and wider. Pretty soon my precious child's feet may closely resemble cinder blocks. While at the shoe store (Crew has a total shoe fetish), he FELL IN LOVE with the rain boots posted here. In fact we took a nap in them and had to wait until he fell asleep that night before Mommy could remove them.
We also went out to help the Sory's celebrate Alston's birthday. Okay, I have learned that when you have a child as hyperactive as Crew, you should NEVER, NEVER attempt to eat at a restaurant alone. If Barton had not been there to help, I think I would have gone nuts. Don't get me wrong, Crew is NOT bad, just very, very active.
This all leads up the the best story yet... Mom (me) was already a little frazzled from the boots, the restaurant, the fact that he some how attached his toy train to my mother's dog and freaked her out (the train sings the Thomas song every time you pull the strong and she wouldn't stop running long enough for me to remove it), as well as several other incidents. We woke up very much anticipating Daddy's return, had a bath, breakfast, etc. I was drying my hair when I realized it had been a minute since I had last seen Crew and it was really quiet. Where was he?!?!?!?!
Crew, I discovered, has now figured out how to push chairs up to my dining room table and use them to crawl on top of it. There he was in nothing but a diaper and his boots (of course) sitting in the middle of a bowl of potpourri on my table throwing the contents to my dog (who ate it... possibly improving his breath) and dumping salt EVERYWHERE!!!!! I've never wanted to burst out laughing and pull my hair out all at the same time.
He is truly my wonderful Tazmanian Devil!


Blogger chad said...

camille, i feel your pain =) we have those EXACT boots that camp has outgrown... but he still loves them!!! we have about 4 pair of boots... he has a shoe fetish too! ha, they sound very similar!

9:02 PM  
Blogger The Segrest Family said...

oops! i was signed in as chad = sorry - its mk

9:03 PM  
Blogger beth said...

SOunds like the Hassell genes are alive and well!! Little Barry...bless your heart!! Sounds alot like Elijah did at that age....Get just gets more exciting!!! Precious Crew Crew!! So much fun!!

12:07 PM  
Blogger Jay, Emily, Tripp and Fred Witcher said...

This is hysterical but I'm scared to laugh b/c mine is on his way to being like this too and he's only 7 months old!!! Be sure to write this stuff down for his wife and own child one day!

9:16 AM  

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